Thirst Quench Sleeping Mask

Hydration Brightness

Ultra-fresh and light night mask, rich in hyaluronic acid for an instant rehydration and brightening effect.

  • Super-hydrated, radiant skin
  • Wake-up with fresh and rested skin

Ideal for all skin types, particularly those requiring hydration.

From the ancient remedies

Natural Black Rice and Angelica Root extracts: antioxidant and revitalising action; even out complexion

From molecular science

Hyaluronic acid: hydrating, smoothing and plumping.
Beta-glucan (yeast derivative): antioxidant, repairs and supports skin’s natural defence

Recommendations for use

FLASH MASK: apply to the whole face and leave on for 30 minutes; remove with a wipe or cotton pad DEEP TREATMENT: leave on a general amount all night.
Use once or twice a week, applying more product when skin is particularly dehydrated.In this case you can use also for DAY HYDRATION: it’s light jelly texture full of hyaluronic which perfoms deep hydration during day


Dermatologically tested
Free from parabens, silicones and animal-derived ingredients
100% more hydrated skin**
100% more radiant skin**

**Dematologically controlled self-assessments.
% satisfaction among 20 women aged 18-60, both for flash treatments (30 minutes) and deep treatments (8 hours)


Available in 75 ml format

The super ingredients

In this product you can find: