Oil Free Pure Hydration Gel

Anti Imperfection

Ultra-light, fast-absorbing gel hydrates skin for a uniquesensation of freshness without oil and the unpleasant shiny effect.


Freshness and hydration
Rich of water, totally oil free

Ideal for mixed and oily skin and warm and humid climates in particular

From the ancient remedies

Natural Lotus and Sophora Japonica extract: soothing and anti-irritant

From molecular science

Lactic acid: smoothing
Glycerin: moisturising

Recommendations for use

Gently massage into cleansed skin morning and evening


Free free from parabens and animal-derived ingredients.
Increased cutaneous hydration*
90% immediate sensation of freshness**80%hydrated skin**
80% softer skin**

*Clinical test on 20 women aged 18-60 after 28 days using the product
**Self-assessments.% satisfaction among 20 women aged 18-60 years after 28 days using the product


Available in 50 ml format

The super ingredients

In this product you can find: