Perfect Pureness Cleansing Cream

Anti Imperfection

Mild cleanser with an innovative texture: mixed with water, this rich cream transforms into a soft foam to cleanse, soften and moisturise


Gently cleanses and purifies, designed for sensitive skin
Suitable for all skin types

From the ancient remedies

Natural Lotus and Sophora Japonica extract: soothing and anti-irritant

From molecular science

Glycerin: hydrating and moisturising;
Lactic and Lauric Acid: light, anti-bacterial exfoliants

Recommendations for use

Apply with wet hands on wet skin, massaging well into face and neck. Continue to massage for someminutes, then rinse well.


Dermatologically tested
Free from parabens, silicones and animal-derived ingredients
96% purified skin**
92% gentle action**
92% effective makeup removal**

% satisfaction among 25 women aged 18-60 years after 14 days using the product


Available in 150 ml format

The super ingredients

In this product you can find: