Rice, a staple food for the world’s population (and thus one of the most studied foods in terms of chemical composition and nutritional properties), is a synonym of life for many Asians: Rice is the foundation of their culture and society, which has safeguarded and passed on its beneficial value down the centuries. It is not a coincidence that Rice, and Rice Bran Oil, in particular, is one of the Oriental natural ingredients chosen by I Coloniali: thanks to its hydrating, nourishing and antioxidant power, it is ideal for skins that require a certain level of nourishment and protection, as the best-seller Velveting Hand Cream shows.

Rice Bran Oil is light, easily absorbable and suitable for all skin types; it helps enhance skin elasticity, maintaining hydration and reducing the appearance of signs of aging: in other words, it protects the skin from external aggressions like wind, cold, urban environments, pollution, and sunlight. Apart from Bran and oil, rice can also offer other products that are effective alternatives to chemical agents employed in skin and hair care treatments: for example, rice starch and powder, which have been used for centuries because of their sebum-absorbing, softening and skin-leveling properties, can be found in I Coloniali’s Hydra Brightening face care line.

At a nutritional level, rice is considered a high-calorie but healthy food: it can be eaten by celiacs and thanks to its low fat, cholesterol and salt content it is considered the best diet for hypertension, while its low fiber content makes it a good remedy for digestive system disorders.

Apart from its high nutritional value, rice is also known as a medicinal plant, with different ancient texts that praise its curative properties. In China, Rice’s medicinal value was already well known in 2800 B.C. when royal physicians used it to restore calm and inner peace. In traditional medical texts, boiled Rice mixtures were prescribed as lotions for the eyes, while in India ancient ayurvedic medical practices prescribed rice as a treatment for inflammations.