Lotus is a Super Ingredient which, thanks to its numerous beneficial properties, is also used in cosmetics. A universal symbol of elegance, beauty and purity, it is one of the most worshipped plants in the world, at the center of both the Hindu and Buddhist religions. It is a perennial water plant and it can grow up to 2 meters in height; its roots are firmly planted in the mud beneath the water’s surface while its flowers grow on the water’s surface with more than 20 petals. The position of this Super Ingredient’s petals is associated with the perfect position in Yoga practices, where the human realms of the physical, mental and spiritual worlds converge. Buddha himself described the Lotus as the purity of body and soul, as it floats above murky waters.

Lotus is rich in substances with antibacterial and antioxidant properties, making it the perfect ingredient to regulate excessive sebum while keeping the skin hydrated: all of its properties, which contribute to obtaining pure skin, can be found in I Coloniali’s Mattifying & Pureness face care line. This range was created in collaboration with the University of Pavia with the aim of helping women who struggle every day with mixed skin and visible pores.
Due to its highly curative properties, Indian Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine use different parts of the Lotus plant for a variety of physical and mental remedies. In traditional Chinese medicine, the plant’s embryos were used to cure nervous disorders and insomnia. To this day, thanks to their weight-loss properties, Lotus leaves are popular in Taiwan as an ingredient in diet drinks. Lotus’ anti-obesity potential was proven by measuring an increase of lipolysis in adipose tissue. Moreover, the nephrin extracted from Lotus seeds has a proven cardiovascular effect that regulates the cardiac rhythm.
Ancient medicinal practices place the Lotus plant among the first specimens with high curative potentials, while ancient Indian, Chinese and Egyptian cultures used it as a source of nourishment as well as a beauty accessory.