Illipé butter

Illipe butter is made from cold-pressing Shorea Stenoptera seeds. Shorea Stenoptera is a majestic plant from Borneo, which can also be found in Brazil, India and Sri Lanka.Used for centuries by the Dayak population in Borneo to treat skin problems, it is still considered a useful cosmetic ingredient thanks to its eudermic, hydrating and elasticising properties.

With a composition that resembles cocoa butter’s, Illipe butter is used over the latter because of its higher melting point, which makes it a suitable ingredient for soaps, face and body creams as well as lipsticks, lip balms and massage candles.It deeply nourishes the skin, regenerating it and protecting it from dryness, dehydration or external stress: it can have soothing effects on skin that has undergone excessive exposure to the sun or other external factors such as cold, wind, etc.

More specifically, Illipe butter softens the skin in depth, also acting on especially hardened sections like calluses and corns on the feet and hands, generally increasing the skin’s elasticity and flexibility.

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