From the art of Venetian Apothecary masters, your innovative beauty elixirs

There is a world where taking care of yourself is an Art reflecting a culture which is “living art” itself: Italy. Venice, living masterpiece of art and beauty and hometown of the apothecary art of the Maestri Speziali becomes the frame for I Coloniali tale.

The art of beauty

In Italy Venetian Apothecary Masters of XIV Century, called Maestri Speziali Veneziani, blended rare and precious herbs and spices from distant lands to create powerful apothecary remedies: in the same way today I Coloniali create ultimate exclusive beauty elixirs with the sophistication, style and high quality that makes Italy and Italian products famous worldwide. All our cosmetics are Made In Italy (only exception the effervescent bath tablets which are produced in France where is based a plant specialized in high-quality bath effervescent products).

  •  Products clinically and dermatologically tested.
  • Refined design recalling naturality, sophistication, and craftsmanship, key values for I Coloniali since 1994
  • Strict controls in each production phase to guarantee high certified quality and environmental sustainability following
  • UNI EN ISO 14001 environment certification standard
  • No animal testing (for 20 years)
  • No parabens, sales and animal-derived ingredient in all face care products

Ancient remedies inspiring innovative beauty elixirs

The recipes of Venetian Apothecary masters have inspired I Coloniali’s products: their study has led to the selection of the main natural ingredients that are still considered effective today. Among the various recipes of that time, the most important is Theriac, which was conceived as a sort of cure-all and youth elixir.

Renowned everywhere, it reached its heyday in Venice: a crossroad between East and West, where you could find the herbs and spices that were required to prepare it, such as Myrrh and Saffron. As a consequence, Theriac became an important part of the city’s economy, so much that its preparation became a sort of public ceremony, a testament to its quality and value.

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Super Ingredients: natural herbs and spices for your beauty

For the first time, Oriental herbs and spices reveal their precious virtues thanks to the art of the Venetian Apothecary masters, called Maestri Speziali Veneziani. Theriac is a testament to these virtues: an ancient remedy that according to its origin story was Mithridates King of Pontus’ legendary snake venom antidote, and was later passed on from Roman Times through the ages as a youth elixir and precious cure to prevent all illnesses. It reached its heyday in Venice, a trading post for spices, where its preparation by Maestri Speziali Veneziani became a special occasion, a public celebration attended by the highest-ranking citizens. Among its fundamental ingredients, Myhrr and Saffron have been selected by I Coloniali for its best-selling products. They are extremely powerful antioxidants and skin regenerators, recognized by modern science. Discover the history and the properties of these and other Super Ingredients that can be found in I Coloniali products.

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Molecular cosmesis at the service of skincare.

“To meet the needs of different skin-types, in the I Coloniali face care line molecular cosmesis enhances the natural properties of herbs and spices. Thanks to the partnership with the University of Pavia, I Coloniali have created a new generation of facial treatments that combine the power of herbs and spices with the modern scientific knowledge that favors a better absorption of the essential elements by the skin.

The strength of molecular cosmesis lies in the ability to employ the molecules in plant extracts. This process is as essential to the production of beauty products as the herbs and spices employed by the Venetian Apothecary Masters. The University of Pavia has also contributed by researching ingredients inspired by ancient medicinal mixtures held in their library’s historical archives.”

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